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Innovative and eco-friendly cooling solutions based on evaporative cooling technology and solar based heating solutions for steam and hot water generation for industrial and commercial applications!

Industrial Cooling Solutions

Fresh air cooling for human comfort and equipment performance to enhance people and process efficiency, boosting productivity and profit sustainably!

Commercial Cooling Solutions

Affordable fresh air cooling to create a comfortable and healthy ambience for your employees and customers!

Solar Thermal Solutions

Heating solutions harnessing the energy of the sun for steam and hot water generation that reduce both costs and carbon footprint!

Ideal Solutions for Industrial Buildings

Ideal Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Helping you achieve your sustainability and health goals

HMX's technology is environment friendly - it saves energy, does not use CFCs or HFCs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. HMX's products improve air quality which directly has an impact on the health of the occupants of a building.

HMX has in its basket, solutions based on solar thermal energy which integrate heating systems using conventional energy sources to assist industrial and commercial establishments in reducing carbon footprint and combat climate change. HMX’s solar thermal solutions also contribute in safeguarding against rising costs and availability of fossil fuels. 

Customers already using our solutions

"The solution provided by HMX Solar is satisfactory. On an average, solar system delivers thermal energy of 1,00,500 kcal/day. The solar system and the efficiency solutions have resulted in overall savings of 20-21 litres of diesel per day, benefiting a saving of Rs 1000/- per day."

"HMX's solar steam-based cooking solution reduced wood consumption notably and provided smoke-free environment to the cooking staff without reshuffling of food serving timings. It has improved the hygiene level during cooking. It has reduced drudgery, manual effort, time and energy required during the cooking process."

"HMX's solar thermal concentrator solution was commissioned on our facilities in February 2015. Since its installation, we save, on average, about 15 litres of diesel and 80-90 units of electricity daily. Fuel cost is now under control thanks to usage of HMX's solar thermal concentrator solution. Also, we do not have to allocate a dedicated operator due its highly advanced automated operation."

"We have experienced proper efficiency and reliability of the machine supplied by HMX.We are also happy with the timely and good quality after sales service from HMX as and when required."

"As promised by HMX, the HMX-IDEC have provided a comfortable working environment at our MG Road office. Their service provided is good. Further, the HMX-IDEC are energy saving as they consume less than 11 units per hour for this area. In case of air conditioning, the total power consumption would have been 25 units per hour for this office."

"Syntel is very happy with the performance of HMX-TFA, there have been no problems whatsoever till date and we are satisfied with the cooling."

"The management is happy and is looking at the possibility of using the HMX units at other locations in the same factory."

"The HMX-IDEC provides excellent cooling to the atrium and works even better during the hot and dry summer months of Pune. We are very happy with the product and would most certainly recommend this to all those having a big area where there is no need for a high level of cooling."

“HMX technology is time-tested technology and we do not have an iota of doubt about the efficacy of the HMX-IDEC. We have seen the product constantly evolve in terms of features and aesthetics over the years...We have full faith in team HMX and are sure that they will continue their endeavor of constantly improving the product.”

"We were eagerly looking for some kind of comprehensive solution. The HMX-IDEC helped us to address multiple problems with a single solution. Conducive environment has given improved printing precision and working environment. Solvent consumption has reduced by 10-15% which has benefitted the environment. Better employee satisfaction has resulted in better productivity. We are proud to use this eco-friendly solution and I thank HMX for bringing out such a good product."

“HMX’s patented IDEC technology is unique and stands out in comparison to other IEC heat exchangers present in the market. IDEC technology delivers 4ºC more cooling and adds 60% less moisture than DEC. We have provided these systems to various customers such as Forbes Marshall, Pune; Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Nasik; and Tredegar, Pune to name a few.”

 Leading companies have chosen HMX's solutions 


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