Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling (IDEC)

(Indirect Evaporative Cooling + Adiabatic Cooling)

A proven method for enhancing health and productivity in large industrial and commercial spaces!

Up to 60-70% less
power consumption
vs air-conditioners

Up to 6-7 °C more
vs adiabatic coolers

Up to 60% less
increase in humidity
vs adiabatic coolers

outdoor air

With DAMA, a heat exchanger optimized for Indirect Evaporative Cooling, at its core, HMX Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) is an ideal solution for applications where large spaces like manufacturing units or shopping malls have to be cooled at an affordable cost and without compromising on the health of the occupants.

Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling maintains comfortable conditions for people in industrial and commercial buildings in hot and dry areas. The air supplied is cooler and less humid compared to conventional air-washers. The power consumption is lower compared to air-conditioners.

Key features

Highly efficient operation
Up to 60-70% less power consumption compared to an air-conditioning system
Low life cycle costs icon
Up to 60% less moisture addition in supply air as compared to DEC alone
Environment-friendly technology icon
Environment-friendly technology using no refrigerants
Wireless compatibility icon
Healthy - Uses 100% outdoor air
highly optimised sensible heat exchanger icon
Designed around DAMA, highly optimised sensible heat exchanger provides better indoor air quality


How is HMX Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC) different compared to Direct Evaporative Cooling (DEC)?
At the heart of HMX Indirect Evaporative Cooling is DAMA, a cross-flow plate type heat exchanger that separates the air into which moisture has been added to create cooling from the air that is supplied to the conditioned space. The end result is supply air that has had no contact with water and is cooled almost to the ambient wet bulb temperature. In Direct Evaporative Cooling, a cellulose pad with a honeycomb structure is used as a heat exchanger. The supply air comes in direct contact with water and the end result is cool air which is laden with moisture.
Does DAMA add absolute moisture to air during Indirect Evaporative Cooling?
There is no increase in absolute moisture in the cooled air coming out of DAMA.
Can DAMA be coupled with Direct Evaporative Cooling to achieve superior cooling?
Yes. DAMA can be coupled with Direct Evaporative Cooling to achieve extra cooling. It is called HMX-IDEC (Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling). It offers up to 6-7 °C more cooling compared to conventional/adiabatic coolers/DEC alone.
How does the power consumption of HMX-IDEC compare with that of an air-conditioning system?
The power consumption of HMX-IDEC (Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling) is up to 70% less compared to that of an air-conditioning system.
Can HMX’s DAMA based cooling systems maintain a healthy and comfortable environment inside both commercial and industrial buildings?
Yes. HMX systems can supply 100% fresh, filtered, cooled air into your building that is not recirculated, improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of the space, supporting customer and staff well-being by expelling fumes, germs, odours and CO2. This is why DAMA based systems like HMX-IDEC (Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling) are often specified by HVAC consulting engineers to meet cooling and ventilation requirements of both industrial and commercial buildings.
What happens to the cooling performance during humid days?
When we speak about conventional evaporative cooling “the drier the better” is very true. However, during humid days, the cooling performance reduces as the ambient air is already saturated with moisture. In HMX-IDEC (Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling), though the cooling performance reduces during humid days, the air quality is better as compared to that provided by a Direct Evaporative Cooling system and as compared to the ambient as well, as there is no addition of absolute moisture to the supply air in the first stage (DAMA). There is a temperature reduction compared to the ambient and to a DEC system.
What happens to the cooling performance during very hot days?
Conventional evaporative coolers tend to deliver less cooling as ambient temperatures rise, and eventually end up failing altogether in extreme temperatures. DAMA’s performance improves as the dry bulb temperature increases. No matter how hot it gets outside, HMX-IDEC (Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling) uses the same amount of power and still delivers fresh, cool air inside.

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