Industrial & Commercial Air Cooling Systems

A wide range of products specially designed for your industrial and commercial space cooling requirements

HMX – a part of the A.T.E. Group – designs and manufactures energy-efficient, environment-friendly cooling solutions for commercial and industrial applications. The low carbon technologies are suitable for several applications and for most geographical locations across the globe.

These solutions based on HMX’s proprietary Indirect Evaporative Cooling technology. These solutions now cool more than 20 million square feet of space in more than 10 countries. At the heart of HMX’s cooling solutions is DAMA- a modular and scalable sensible heat exchanger which can be used in systems ranging from 500 CFM to 2,00,000 CFM. DAMA is a patented heat exchanger that works on the principle of Indirect Evaporative Cooling where water is used as the refrigerant. DAMA is fouling resistant, low weight and has a long life.

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