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Space cooling solutions that are ideal for educational institutes

We help you create an environment suitable for learning

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Help create a healthy school environment that promotes student learning and productivity
Enhance health and wellness icon
Enhance health and wellness of students and staff
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Reduce exposure to pollutants and infection particles in the air
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Energy efficient technology saves money due to low energy consumption
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Low life cycle costs – easy maintenance requirements

Major benefits

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Promote a healthy learning environment

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Maximize energy savings

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Quick payback on investment

Our products meet the commercial cooling requirements of all major areas inside an educational institute building

  • Class rooms
  • Hall ways
  • Libraries
  • Kitchens and Canteens
  • Assembly halls

Products we recommend

Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling (IDEC)

IDEC helps maintain comfortable conditions for people in commercial buildings in hot and dry areas. The air supplied is cooler and less humid compared to conventional air-washers. The power consumption is lower compared to air-conditioners.

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