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Space cooling solutions designed for the food and beverage industry

We deliver the working conditions you need to improve productivity and profitability

Maintain the required thermal conditions icon
Help maintain required thermal conditions to meet operation specific needs
Maximize productivity icon
Ensure a suitable environment to increase production efficiency
Help minimize pollutants icon
Help minimize pollutants and infectious particles
Safeguard icon
Safeguard all the properties of the finished product such as taste, colour and smell
Reduce tonnage load icon
Reduce tonnage load on the air conditioning system by pre-cooling of fresh air

Major benefits

Maximize productivity icon

Maximized productivity of each worker and improve process efficiency

Prevent wastage icon

Wastage of raw material and finished goods prevented

Save energy and operating costs icon

Savings of energy and operating cost

Our products meet the cooling requirements of all major areas in a food and beverage processing plant

  • Cleaning in place (CIP)
  • Control panel room
  • Packaging area
  • Raw material storage area
  • Sterilization room
  • Syrup room
  • Food manufacturing area
  • Finished goods warehouse

Products we recommend

Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling (IDEC)

IDEC helps maintain comfortable conditions for people in industrial buildings in hot and dry areas. The air supplied is cooler and less humid compared to conventional air-washers. The power consumption is lower compared to air-conditioners.

Treated Fresh Air Unit (TFA)

With these pre-cooling units, outdoor air is pre-cooled and subsequently supplied to a building in an energy-efficient and hence economical manner. In conjunction with AHUs/large chiller installations, this system delivers energy savings while treating outdoor air.

Hybrid AHU

Increasing outside air is important to enhance occupant health and productivity but often entails a heavy energy cost. The Hybrid DAMA E3 AHU can improve air quality without increasing energy cost.

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