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Space cooling solutions designed to provide standard production
conditions in the textile industry

We create an indoor environment to improve productivity and profitability

Temperature and relative humidity icon
Maintain a balance between temperature and relative humidity
Ensure a dust free environment icon
Ensure a dust free environment inside the factory
Prevent build-up of static charge icon
Prevent static charge build-up and eliminate problems associated with static
Energy-efficient technology icon
Save money when compared to air-conditioning with the help of energy-efficient technology
Maintain a suitable working environment icon
Maintain a suitable working environment for people, materials and machines all year round

Major benefits

Maximize productivity icon

Maximize process efficiency

Improve product quality icon

Improve product quality

Meet your SHE goals icon

Meet your HSE goals

Our products meet the cooling and relative humidity requirements of all major areas in a textile manufacturing plant

  • Control panel room
  • Drying area
  • Dyeing area
  • Finished goods warehouse
  • Kitchen and canteen
  • Raw material storage area
  • Work area/ assembly line

Products we recommend

Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling (IDEC)

IDEC helps maintain comfortable conditions for people in industrial buildings in hot and dry areas. The air supplied is cooler and less humid compared to conventional air-washers. The power consumption is lower compared to air-conditioners.

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