Energy-Efficient, Versatile and Reliable Indirect Evaporative Cooling

DAMA based solutions provide low carbon cooling for industrial and commercial applications
DAMA based systems use only 40% of the energy of conventional refrigeration based systems
DAMA’s design ensures low fouling and consistent performance
DAMA based systems are currently cooling more than 18 million sq ft with 90 milion CFM deployed in 10+ countries
DAMA: The core technology of HMX is the next-generation DAMA heat exchanger. DAMA stands for ’Dry Air and Moist Air’. The DAMA heat exchanger is a crossflow, plate-type polymeric exchanger. The design of the heat exchanger is highly optimized to deliver the best heat exchanger performance without sacrificing its strength and stability. Warm, primary air flows in enclosed channels and gives up its heat to water films flowing down the other side of the polymeric plates. A secondary air stream flowing in the direction opposite to the water, evaporates water before it is exhausted outside. Thus, the primary air is cooled without any moisture addition.
  • High-efficiency plate-type polymeric heat exchanger
  • Optimized for sensible cooling & pre-cooling
  • High reliability and low leakagebetween air streams
  • Unique design ensures low fouling and consistent performance
  • Modular in design and scalable

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